"The Pleasures of Reffley"  anon.


Tune – Batchelors Hall



The sources of Pleasure are various we know,

The Old and the Young; the Prude and the Beau;

All, All have their hobbies in which they delight,

Their senses to please by Day and by night;

Yet whatever source fails ‘tis most certain and true,

This charming Retreat’s ever pleasing and new.

Then hither, yes hither, our Friends let us bring,

To enjoy the sweet pleasures of fam’d Reffley Spring.


And the sweet feather’d Songsters musical lay

When the beauties of spring make Nature look gay,

Cause these groves to re-echo with harmony sweet,

Again we re-visit this rural Retreat:

Rejoicing that winter’s fierce storms and frosts keen,

No longer affect this beautiful scene.

Then hither, yes hither, &c.


When thousands expos’d to the Sun’s scorching rays,

Exhausted by heat are spending their days

Engag’d by their business or toiling for bread,

We hither retire and merrily tread

The green grassy carpet, which Nature has wrought,

To add to our comfort, to elevate thought.

Then hither, yes hither, &c.


When disasters occur and Friends prove unkind,

A visit to Reffley is good for the mind;

If “blue devils” scare, and “black devils”  fright,

With a frown of contempt we bid them “good night”;

For the smiles of our Friends and the mineral bowl,*

Re-aminate truly both body and soul.

Then hither, yes hither, &c.


If such the advantages hence we derive,

Each rational Visitant surely should strive

To correct those abuses which never can make,

Reffley-Spring a delight except to  -- a Rake!

Then let us all prove how highly we prize

The excellent adage, “Be merry and wise.”

Then hither, yes hither, &c.


Before I conclude you all will expect,

That Reffley’s kind Owner receive due respect

For surely these pleasures and we must soon part,

Were it not for “Sir William’s” benevolent heart;

Be this then the wish of the great and the small,

May happiness reign in Hillington Hall !

So hither, yes hither, our Friends we will bring,

To enjoy the the sweet pleasures of fam’d Reffley-spring!

*An allusion to the mineral qualities of the Water.