Reffley Spring Today

In February 2015 Reffley Spring was flowing at a lower level and some distance from the Basin.


A general view od the spring (Autumn 2015) after the basin and surrounding area had been cleared for gthe upteenth time! the remains of the temple and kitchen are in the background to the right of the spring basin.and edit me. It's easy.

 The line of bricks running through the middle of this picture are the remains of the temple wall.

An earlier image of the base upone which the obelisk one stood. The square stone to the front left is where one would stand or crouch to collect the spring water flowing from the aperture in the obelisk base.

This picture taken Dec 20 2015, firstly, shows the damage the obelisk base has sustained since the previous picture was taken some 10 or more years earlier,  and secondly, it can be seen the the spring is once again flowing -just- into the basin.

Update 5th Feb 2017:     Vandals have finally split the obelisk plinth
Small Heading

From an initial observation: far from being a single stone pedestal on which the obelisk formerly stood, it is now possible to see that the block is a more complex construction. It would now appear to have been created in a mold probably upside down from how it is now. Flat stones appear to have been placed in a rectangle- central one third section of the left hand side of the stone in the picture above- to  create the channel ( or as it was described -aqueduct) to channel to water to the  side outlet, on the left. . The vertical square hole serves two purposes (1) to channel water from below and (2) to serve as an anchor point for the obelisk. r